Welcome to the new official website of Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority, Inc. at the University of the Sciences! Sigma Psi Zeta is a cultural, social, educational and community service oriented sorority. We are also the FIRST Asian-interest sorority of its kind to be founded on the East Coast. Here at the University of the Sciences, we are dedicated to promoting multiculturalism as well as striving to become strong, independent women.

Feel free to explore our site and find out more about our history and philanthropy!


Alpha Zeta Charter would like to congratulate our newest class, the Zealous Zetas! We cannot wait to see what these two ladies will contribute to our charter! Welcome to the best SYZterhood!

#29: Thao-Quyen *SEVERITY* Truong, #30: Nina *RIPTIDE* Vo


Welcome the EMBLAZING EPSILONS to one of the greatest SYZTERHOODS. Congratulations to these two ladies for crossing and for being the newest additions to the Alpha Zeta Charter at the University of the Sciences! Be a leader, be a voice, be EMPOWERED.

#27: Bryana *SIXTHΣENSE* Pinos-Granda, #28 Lucia *Kira* Ha


The wait is over! The Alpha Zeta Charter of Sigma Psi Zeta is delighted to present the Spring 2016 Dauntless Delta class! Congratulations to you ladies for finally crossing to the other side. Always remember that you are strong, independent women and shoot for the stars!

#23 Hanna *Arché* Kwak, #24 Christine *jinx* Le, #25 Kate *SULTRY* Kim, #26 Liz*cAustiK* Ha


Big thanks to PE Amanda *Casseia* Yu and PEAs Jeanny *Mia* Inthavong and Tiffany *RETALIATE* Cai!

USciences Sigma Psi Zeta proudly presents the Spring 2015 Glamorous Gamma class! A big congratulations to the lovely girls on crossing into the best SYZterhood!

#17 Tram *BellaKarA* Le#18 Anne *SEIZE* Kim, #19: Christine *Kari* Xu, #20 Emily *Stara* Kim, #21 Celine *Cygnus* Kuan, #22 Jinxia *Jacíela* Jiang

Big thanks to PE Kathy *RENEGADE* Pham and PEA Amanda *Casseia* Yu for all of their hard work and time put in! Great job on raising your kids!

On March 27, 2014, Alpha Zeta Charter at University of the Sciences successfully held COMBAT: a step, dance, and stroll competition raising awareness towards domestic violence and violence against women. All proceeds from the event will be going towards a local Philadelphia shelter, Women Against Abuse (WAA). Many different schools and organizations came together from all over Philadelphia and surrounding regions. Congratulations to all of the winners of the competition! Shout out to the philanthropy chair Jeanny *Mia* Inthavong for organizing this event and to stroll mistress Alice *Saki* Woo for choreographing the USci Sigmas stroll team performance!

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